Unknown Facts About Puff Bar

A Puff Bar is a portable device that vaporizes individual flavors of e-juice such as orange, lemon, and grape. puff bar has some nice tips on this. Puff Bars are great for parties and other gatherings where a bunch of people might like to try out new flavors. Vaping individual flavors allow you to get the full flavor from just one bottle of e-juice, saving you money and time by not having to order another bottle. The following article will explain how to make a Puff Bar.


First, you should purchase a couple bottles of unflavored e-juice in different flavors. These flavors can be expensive and are typically only available at specialty shops. If you do not have access to these flavors or you would rather not make a Puff Bar then you can purchase a single flavor e-juice. Puff Bar kits usually come with the single flavor e-juice in a different container than the ones used to make the Puff Bar.

Next, you should assemble the Puff Bar. Typically, the kit comes with two bowls, a stainless steel plate, and three disposable juice pads. Line up the three pads on the stainless steel plate in order to form the “bowl”. Fit the stainless plate into the bottom of your bowl. Put the detached cover of the e-juice into the stainless steel container, and fill the rest of the kit into the bowl to make a ready to use Puff Bar.

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