Seven Simple Tips About Child Custody Issues

The following advice is based on my own experience and heart. I am not an attorney. I have a Communications degree from college, but that does not allow me to provide professional legal advice. If you read this post, keep in mind that you should seek legal advice regarding your particular situation. There are several different problems that come up when it comes to legal custody of your children. The laws differ from one state to the next. Each situation is unique, depending on factors such as marital status, jobs, wages, other financial resources, family support, relationship with other parent, abuse or domestic violence background, arrest record, and previous involvement in children’s lives. The following are just a few suggestions to think about whether you’re battling for custody of your children or worry that you’ll have to fight the father or mother for custody. My first idea stems from a terrifying encounter I had myself. 1 – Don’t expect to never have to compete for your children’s custody. Click here to find more about Moore Family Law Group-Child Custody Attorney are here
Don’t believe that since you know your children’s father or mother well, you won’t have to fight him or her to keep your parental rights. Don’t blindly believe what your children’s father or mother tells you. Do you think they’d tell you ahead of time if they were going to sue for custody of your kids? Obviously, if they gave you any kind of notice, you’d have enough time to hire your own attorney and try to beat them at their own game. If they want to claim custody of your children, they will, of course, lie about their intentions. And they’ll try to make their lies sound so genuine, compelling, and truthful that you’ll be easily duped. My only piece of advice for determining the difference between a lie and the facts is to trust your instincts. Follow your heart if you have every reason to believe they are considering suing for custody of your children. Don’t wait to see what happens next if you have any doubts about how frank they are with you. If you feel threatened or misled in some way, don’t waste time taking action to defend yourself. 2 – Be wary of who you entrust with sensitive details. You may be surprised to learn how easily news spreads about what you tell your friends or any of your family members to the friends or family members of the other parent. People like gossiping. Rumors spread like flames, paying no attention to you or your children. Keeping your mouth shut is the only way to put out raging tales about your sad situation. Don’t tell someone your side of the storey unless you’re willing to stake your life and your children’s future on their allegiance to you. It can be difficult not to speak about your feelings of disbelief, rage, distress, and devastation when you’ve been hurt by the behaviour of your children’s father or mother, but sharing your emotions with even your closest friends and family can hurt you more in the long run. You never know who would repeat what you say to whom, and nothing is more humiliating than being stabbed in the back by someone you thought you could trust. This may be the most costly and acrimonious fight you’ve ever fought. Don’t put your defence on the line by telling more than a few close friends or family members that you completely trust. In any custody situation, the stakes are high. In this case, gambling will undermine your credibility, ruin your reputation, derail your defence plan, and will your chances of winning in court. 3 – Hire an attorney. You may need one.