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A practitioner may be highly qualified and have years of clinical experience, but if they do not take their work seriously enough, do not attend annual seminars, and do not regularly read relevant health industry journals, they are unlikely to achieve high success rates in the treatment of disease in their patients. You may want to check out Best Naturopathic Doctor Toronto for more.


Is the Naturopath a healthy weight? Do you have great skin? Is it true that they hardly ever get sick? Do they have a lot of energy? Do they appear young for their age if they are beyond 40? If you replied “Yes” to all of these questions, the Naturopath is likely to be passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and to practise what they preach. I don’t mean to be harsh, but why would you entrust your health to someone who isn’t actively seeking optimal health and adheres to the naturopathic health philosophy?The Naturopath would lack the requisite skills to resolve their patient’s health concerns if they did not have a full understanding of the pathology tests available from various labs and what the tests can detect. It’s also crucial that the Naturopath understands how to interpret the results for the patient and is aware of the most effective treatments depending on the test results.

Without the results of the appropriate pathology tests, the practitioner would be unable to provide science-based treatment advice and would be unable to consider the metabolic and biochemical needs of each individual patient – which is one of the factors that distinguishes advanced naturopathic health care from basic health care and is often the key to achieving optimal health. As a result, it is critical that the Naturopath is familiar with the variety of tests available from various pathology labs, as well as which tests each patient requires, so that they can best assist their patients by understanding what their bodies require to repair, heal, regenerate, or prevent disease.

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