Know more about Minden Well Pump Association

The Minden Well Pumps Association is an organization that oversees a manufacturing company that manufactures and services pumps for wells throughout the UK. The association also helps to promote the use of these pumps worldwide. There are approximately twenty-three manufactures in the UK that manufacture pumps and associated accessories. Most of these companies manufacture pumps and accessories that are compatible with pumps used in several countries all over the world including England, Wales and Scotland as well as Ireland.Learn more about us at Minden Well Pump Association

The manufacturer of the Minden well pump is Silex Industries Limited, a reputable and long-standing manufacturer of pumps and related accessories. The company produces both in-line and surface pumps for drainage, submersible well heads and surface pumps. The company is part of the British Electrical Trades union (BMTU) and is located in Newton-on-shire, United Kingdom. The company’s website contains a wealth of information on products and installation options for their pumps and other associated equipment.

The Minden well pump association has been successful in helping to promote awareness about this type of well pump nationwide. The association has helped sponsor numerous well pump exhibitions and workshops all over the country, which have contributed greatly to the growing understanding of this type of pump and its benefits. Many well pump retailers have also joined the association to promote and sell their products. These retailers include Silex Industries Ltd, John Deere Ltd, Airtight UK, Energy Saver Plumbing Ltd, Horzt Pipes Ltd and Jo-Ann Fabrics and Gazebos Ltd. These companies work closely with the manufacturers to ensure that customers receive the best possible service and a well-designed product.