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When we speak about hormonal imbalance, we’re referring to a condition in which the body’s hormone output and supply aren’t what they should be. There may be a lack of certain hormones, an abundance of others, or even a complete absence of others. You may want to check out Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles-Southern California Center for Anti-Aging for more. When this happens in the body, it disrupts the body’s normal functioning.

To gain a deeper understanding, we must first define what hormones are. Hormones are known as the body’s chemical messengers. The endocrine glands generate these chemicals, which are then deposited directly into the bloodstream, which then transports the hormones to the parts of the body where they are needed. These hormones regulate the body’s vital functions, making them extremely essential. Reproduction, growth, digestion, metabolism, respiration, tissue, excretion, lactation, stress, growth and development, sensory perception, sleep, and movement are some of the functions they regulate or influence.

As we can see from the above, these hormones are very significant. As a result, we’ll look at some of the factors that cause this disorder and how they can be handled.

We’ll look at three major causes: diet, exercise, and natural causes (Aging).


Everywhere we turn these days, everyone seems to be talking about the importance of eating well. Sadly, even with increased knowledge, people continue to eat incorrectly. Food is the body’s source of energy. There are two types of fuel: good and bad. The body works well if it is fed the right food, but if it is fed garbage, it starts to look and feel like a junk yard. Excessive weight gain and obesity are caused by diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, red meat, hydrogenated fats, genetically modified foods, and other factors. Environmental toxins also accumulate in the body. All of these factors wreak havoc on the body’s environment, and hormonal imbalance is one of the possible outcomes.

The answer is to actually keep track of what we consume and eat properly. We eat to live, not the other way around.


Regular exercise has long been considered to be beneficial to the body. Stress reduction is one of the advantages of exercise. Cortisol levels in the body are lower in people who exercise. Cortisol levels in the body are known to have a significant effect on stress levels.

Weight loss is another (more common) justification for exercising. Exercise aids the body in maintaining a healthy level of serum insulin, which in turn aids the body in maintaining a healthy sugar level. Diabetes incidence is reduced as a result of this.

Easy, routine activities like walking can go a long way toward assisting the body’s proper functioning and reducing the likelihood of hormonal imbalance.