Event Lighting – The Options Available To You

Whatever the occasion, the event’s lighting is what distinguishes it. The wrong lighting can create an unfavourable impression. Wedding lighting, for example, is not to be confused with disco lighting. A business event is no different. You can’t expect Christmas lights at a business event (I’m not talking about company parties) because of the formal nature of the event. What I’m trying to suggest is that lighting is a vital aspect of event planning, and selecting the right form of lighting is even more crucial. Read here Live Hub Events

Depending on the occasion and budget, a variety of choices are available. One such alternative is to dim the venue’s ambient lighting by 20 to 30 percent. This results in a darker setting, which can be used to draw attention to other aspects of the situation. The brightness of the other lights is not lost in the bright light because of the darker environment. The colours seem more vivid and saturated as a result of this. If the case is a wedding, for example, the cake can be made the focal point of the venue by using dramatic lighting. On the guest tables, miniature chandeliers can be mounted to provide tiny pools of light. To attract guests’ attention, the bar and buffet can be lit similarly. At the entrance or in the site, fountains with submersible lights or even floating lights may be mounted. Uplights can be used to project dramatic splashes of light on the tent’s sides, and smaller uplights can be used to build paths inside and outside the tent if the event is held in a tent.

LED lights are the newest and most common form of event lighting. LED lights are less expensive, more energy efficient, and more flexible than traditional bulbs. Using LED ice cubes is a fantastic idea. LED lights can be used to bathe the dance floor in vibrant colour, and projectors can be used to project images onto the dance floor.