Different Types of Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is fast becoming popular in North America, as more people discover that it is one way to express one’s individuality. Body piercing, also known as body art, is the process of inserting or implanting an object into one’s skin, creating a hole where an implanted object can be placed, or where jewelry can be worn. It can take many forms, including using tiny pins made of surgical steel or titanium inserted by hand into the gums and mouth, through the fleshy outer layers of skin, or through an incision in the jaw. One can achieve this type of piercing by “tucking” the ears into piercings on the upper lip, by making a slit for the insertion of a pin, or by using clamps to hold the pierced area shut while being pierced. These methods are very similar to common ear piercings, which involve “tucking” the ears to create a piercing, but ear piercings are slightly more extreme and are worn mostly by people who want a complete change. Get more info about PiercingShop.

Ear piercings are also known as Tubeculoploasty, and they are most commonly located on the earlobe, the large bone connected to the head. They can be classified according to whether they are cartilages (the kinds that are made of thin strips of skin), holes (also called tags), or helix. If a Tubby hole piercing is performed, the cartilage of the ear lobe is cut into, along with the sides and back of the ear. The cartilage is then stitched together, usually under general anesthesia. This piercing is different from a piercing in that the cartilage of the ear lobe is not cut, but a small “teardrop” is cut, just below the skin, and it closes over the cartilage, sealing it and keeping it from sagging.

A Helix piercing is performed by either a professional or an amateur. A stud is placed right above the natural fold of the earlobe. The stud is driven straight into the earlobe so that it pierces directly. This type of ear piercing instrument is less permanent than a Tubby hole piercing, and the recovery time is much shorter.

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