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According to recent research, up to 42% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once, and demand for hemp-based items is growing, with a big market for shoes produced from the tough fibres of the cannabis plant seeing increased demand. It’s no wonder that calls to legalise the substance have grown in recent years, given the enormous number of Americans who have tried it and the need for items made from the non-drug parts of the plants. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out KindPeoples Recreational Cannabis Dispensary – Dispensary Santa Cruz

Medical marijuana is allowed in many states, including California, but it remains illegal under federal law, creating a paradox in which dispensaries and medical patients might be legally utilising the substance under California state law while infringing federal law. The DEA has shut down dispensaries in a number of states, despite the fact that the state had approved them. The present administration has stated that this practise will be curtailed.

With research indicating that cannabis is no more dangerous than nicotine or alcohol, and some research indicating that it is less dangerous, calls for its decriminalisation have intensified in recent years. Several attempts have been attempted to have the federal government to enact legislation that would allow marijuana to be sold and purchased in the same way that alcohol and cigarettes are – with age restrictions and exclusively from specific retailers. This idea has been contested by people who feel cannabis is extremely hazardous, posing long-term health hazards to those who use it that are far greater than those posed by alcohol or cigarette.

Is marijuana really that dangerous? Should it, like a number of other substances that are both technically drugs and lawful, be legalised and taxed? It is not the responsibility of this writer to establish the legality of marijuana, and I will refrain from commenting on the health implications because I am not a scientist nor a doctor. I will assert that change is on the way, and that something will be done to impact the cannabis issue, whether for the better or for the worse.