Before Calling For Furnace Repair Service

Until calling for heating service, make sure to verify the following three things:

Make sure the furnace is turned on. There is usually a switch on the side or top of the furnace; try turning the power off for one minute and then turning it back on. For reasons such as power fluctuations or improper ground connections, sometimes furnaces have computers that need to be reset. Furnace Repair Service Near Me is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Make sure the thermostat is adjusted correctly. If the thermostat is set to heat and the temperature is above room temperature, try turning off and then on the heat/off/cool switch.

Make sure the manual gas valve is in good working order. The manual gas valve is located on the furnace’s gas supply shaft. Ensure that the handle of the valve is parallel to the gas pipe.

Checking these things can help you avoid a service call, but don’t forget to check the filter, which is another simple maintenance item on the furnace checklist. Furnace companies can use a dirty filter as an excuse to increase a customer’s bill. While this is not very pleasant or ethical, some technicians would interpret a dirty filter as a lack of interest on the part of the homeowners in saving money. “Hell, if they don’t have time to adjust a filter, they won’t mind making it worthwhile for me.”

On the plus side, if you follow these measures, your heating and cooling company can give you the opposite response. Simply inform them you tried these simple steps but discovered the issue was more complex than the checklist you were given. When a customer expresses an interest in resolving their furnace repair problem, I try to put myself in their shoes. They’re probably worried about an expensive repair bill if they took the time to follow these measures. Customers still earn points with me in this way, believe it or not. To save money, I’ve attempted a few minor car repairs on my own.