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Best High-end 3d Engraved Crystals: 3d Crystal Corundum Blocks. An epic style for 3d laser cut crystal blocks, architectural masterpieces like factory, bank, office building, museum, etc is ideal for your award events. It can make your guests get the picture without having to explain the exact reason, the architectural beauty of this block depends on its own. Tampa 3d Engraved Crystal is one of the authority sites on this topic. It can enhance the entire presentation of any architectural design without giving the boring design. Its glittering colors and high luster make the overall appearance of any structure to look amazing.


The high quality and standard of the engraved glass awards will be visible through the clear color of the crystals, you would never get such high quality engravings without using 3d printing technology. The design is easily noticeable even from afar, the glass will sparkle like sparkling gemstones. 3d engraved crystal block can easily hold your message to everyone that is watching you present that special occasion.

When you are looking to create stunning glass award plaques or crystal fruit awards, it is better to use high quality glasses and clear lasers without coloring. Colored crystal blocks that glitter with light are not worthy to be used as a crystal award for occasions like best man, bride speeches, corporate gifts, guest of honor etc. Choose to use crystal blocks that are in their original colors and without any foil coating or coloring for your crystal fruit awards.

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