A Spotlight Of Simple Steps for Creating a Vision for Your Business and Life

Your vision is the product of a deep desire in your subconscious mind. Some refer to it as the life intent, whereas others refer to it as Spirit. The instinct urges itself to be born over time. You put your vision into your conscious mind after sufficiently stirrings and promptings. Once you’ve gotten it into your conscious mind, you can start giving it shape, definition, and form. Want to learn more? try this website.

To help you describe your vision, try the following visualisation exercise:

  • Build a mental image of your vision – up close and in full colour – on your mind’s mental screen.
  • As many of your senses as possible should be included; these will act as anchor points for your vision.
  • When you pull up your vision, what do you see, hear, smell, or taste, and how do you feel – physically and emotionally? Experiment with your vision as much as possible.

Define Your Goals

Ask yourself the following questions as your vision is projected onto your mental screen:

  • What drives me to come up with this concept?
  • Who am I here to serve?
  • What advantage can my vision provide?
  • How do I feel when I watch others reap the rewards?
  • What would they think when they see the results of my vision?
  • Create a vision that is as genuine as you can imagine. Make it as big as you can think of. Having a large vision allows you to keep growing. Take a chance…you have nothing to lose.

Seeing your vision written down and reading it on a regular basis strengthens your faith. The more strongly you believe, the easier your mind will begin to see and recognize this vision as a fact, making action less difficult.