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Everyone should be prepared for an emergency. Weather can cause problems with electricity, water, and shipping. Just in case, you can have canned food, flashlights, water, extra batteries, and an emergency radio on hand. The original source Urostomy Bag Belt Near Me
What if you have a medical issue, such as an ostomy? This gives emergency preparedness a whole new meaning. The majority of people have their ostomy supplies shipped directly to their homes from a medical supply store. You must have a contingency plan in place if shipping is halted due to impassable roads. While earthquakes, floods, and snow may not affect your immediate region, they will have an impact on the supplies being transported.
What do you keep in your ostomy bag in case of an emergency? What is the ideal number of supplies to have on hand? I believe that aiming for three weeks’ worth is a smart idea. This is particularly true if you depend on your supplies being delivered to you. When a weather emergency occurs, it can affect a large number of people. You’re likely to run into problems with your supplies being on back order until regular delivery returns. Three weeks may seem long, but depending on where you live on the east or west coast, shipping can take up to seven business days, assuming the items are in stock. When you have an ostomy, you must anticipate and prepare for all of the possible outcomes.
Ostomy Supplies in an Emergency:
– Three-week supply of cut-to-fit ostomy bags (I would recommend cut to fit so you avoid sizing issues)
– Scissors or a stoma opening hole cutter – A water-resistant plastic bin that can comfortably accommodate supplies
– Ostomy pouch liners – Ostomy Disposal Bags – Sterile water – Skin cleanser without lotions, oils, or additional fragrance – Ostomy Disposal Bags
– Adhesive remover wipes – Skin prep wipes – Exam gloves, so you never know what circumstances will exist when you need to change your pouch in an emergency.
It’s not only about having supplies in an emergency kit; it’s also about being prepared. Having formal record of your medical records is one way to do this. And if your phone isn’t working or your internet is down, you do need to be able to get the medical help you require.
Incorporate the following general medical information into your kit:
– Full name and phone number of doctor, including hospital affiliation – Address and phone number of ostomy supply store
– Ostomy treatment guidance for family members in case you are unable to care for it yourself. If at all practicable, have someone in your home who will assist you in caring for your ostomy in the event of an emergency.