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Sweat can also cause damage to your phone if you keep it in your pants pocket or shirt while exercising or playing sports, or if you work in a hot and humid environment. If you spend a lot of time in these types of environments, it’s a good idea to check your battery from time to time to make sure the battery housing isn’t collecting moisture. If you can dry it and leave it overnight to ensure that it is completely dry, do so. If you’re not sure whether you’ve dried it completely, you can take it to a cell phone repair shop to have the battery checked for water damage.Learn more by visiting Can a shattered cell phone screen be fixed? – Business Module Hub

If your phone has been dropped in water or has been damaged and you have quickly recovered it, you can open the battery compartment and remove the battery. Use a towel or cloth to dry the phone and its components, and if a heater or blow dryer is available, use it on a low setting. You don’t want any part of your phone to be exposed to excessive heat. Ensure that there is no water between the keys in the keypad. Before reassembling, double-check that the battery compartment and the tips are dry. Drying the speaker and microphone ports will be the most difficult part of drying your phone on your own. Pressing lightly against the ports with a fluffy towel that can absorb water will greatly assist you. Although it may appear to be a simple task, it is recommended that you take your phone to a cell phone repair shop. As with anything that comes apart easily, it’s not always easy to put back together again, and you might lose or misplace small parts or screws. Broken parts, such as display screens, antennas, and lenses, are another type of damage that can be easily repaired. Most model parts will be available at the cell phone repair shop, and these parts can usually be replaced quickly while you wait.