Tree Removal- A Closer Look

Tree removal is a broad term that encompasses a range of different techniques and equipment used to mechanically remove large trees from a given environment. The specific technique selected will ultimately depend on numerous factors including budget, aesthetics and suitability of the proposed method of tree removal. However, there are some common methods of tree removal that are commonly used by most professional arborists. NYC tree removal

Tree felling/thinning is the implementation of specialized techniques such as felling, pruning and trimming in arboretum/landscapes. Public pathways, park and garden woody vegetation, road verges and curbside property are all in the periphery of focus for the tree removal industry. This industry enjoys an annual turnover of thousands of jobs and has been regulated by relevant government bodies and associations since the mid 1980’s. Many jurisdictions have specific regulations in place for tree removal and other related industries.

When considering the removal of large mature trees, it is important to consider the environmental and social impacts associated with their removal. Some jurisdictions allow for the rapid removal of grand trees in a designated area; others require the involvement of a local council or planning authority prior to removal. For larger trees considered for felling, methods include hydraulic cutting, powerline cutting and high velocity sawing. For smaller tree species that may be suitable for felling or trimming a hand pruner or pruning shears are often the best option. It is advisable to contact a tree specialist prior to making any tree removal decisions.