The Truth About Marijuana Dispensary

His friend argued that weed, including alcohol and cigarettes, would be legalised and accessible. His main explanation behind this move being that “marijuana never kills anybody.” According to him, no one on this drug has ever overdosed and died. My husband was pretty crazy and called me at lunchtime to ask me to search the internet to figure out if this really was accurate. I had my suspicions too. Marijuana is for a cause to remain illegal, right? So, I began investigating. As for other divisive topics, it seems everyone has an view on whether or not weed is illegal. I was not looking for opinions though, I was looking for facts.Feel free to find more information at dispensary.

Even with weed the facts you consider appears to depend on which side of the debate you agree with. For starters, the Schaffer Drug Policy Library and the Indiana Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) Opioid Task Force are also supporters of marijuana legalization. The number of opioid fatalities are also listed as a evidence of their origin. In 2002 the anti-pot Substance Misuse Alert Network (DAWN) released a survey describing two pot poisoning incidents, one in Atlanta and one in Boston. Further analysis, however, did not disclose details on these two fatalities. From this evidence, my husband’s co-worker seems to have been right; pot hasn’t killed anybody from an overdose. However, when I delved into this topic further, I found that stopping at this stage is at best deceptive.

Although there are differences about the dangerousness of weed, the American Psychology Organization and other scientific professionals all accept that it is an illicit substance like alcohol and cigarettes, which as such has some effects synonymous with addiction which withdrawal. Symptoms of overdose of marijuana include: accelerated pulse rate, trouble breathing, anxiety, disorientation, delirium, hallucination, panic attacks, and a “recovery sensation.” Like alcohol, it takes a certain amount for each person to get “drunk” on marijuana and if a person takes too much overdose it will occur. While mortality is impossible, an ingestion of marijuana is indeed a significant medical condition, and should be handled accordingly.

The trouble with claiming weed hasn’t harmed anybody is the prevalence by which weed and other substances are mixed. Just twenty-three per cent of recorded drug fatalities included pot alone for the thirty-one cities that were listed in DAWN’s weed study. The remaining 77 per cent were incidents of which the person used marijuana of combination with any substance or alcohol. But weed advocates say combining the product with something else is not ideal because of safety hazards. It might be accurate because no-one on pot itself has ever overdosed and died. Nonetheless, the safety hazards involved with the usage of marijuana, particularly if you have certain medical problems, and the extent at which marijuana is mixed with other substances renders this a bad legalization claim.

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