Slip And Fall Professionals; Service Businesses

Since you own a company, you most likely have liability insurance to protect you from a slip-and-fall scam. Some business owners refer to them as “slip and fall” experts. Then they scout the place, bring witnesses, trip and fall, file a lawsuit, go to their chiropractor, who is best friends with a lawyer, and sue you or the insurance company for tens of thousands of dollars. If you own a service company and operate on-site, don’t presume for a second that you’re immune to insurance fraud. You may have finished operations, Slip & Fall insurance, and a considerable amount of liability insurance in a service company, but you can encounter a special individual who believes they can sue you. Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.
People used to try to scout us out when we were in the mobile car wash market. They’ll be looking for witnesses when you’re washing a car. They’ll try to slip on the water from your wash method as soon as they see them. “If you see anyone in your washing field, say aloud, ‘WATCH OUT, THE WATER’S SLIPPERY,” we used to tell our crews. And if you say that, their case is over, particularly because any witness who is close enough to see a slip and fall will also be able to hear you.
But don’t think we’re the only service industry they’ll test this on. Contractors, cable providers, and phone companies are all clear targets. These types of slip and fall experts are more likely to be located in shopping centre parking lots and retail stores than in office buildings or similar structures. However, if you see anyone suspicious – or even a woman in high heels – approaching your work vehicle, caution her not to twist her ankle. If someone slips, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for money. Inquire seriously about their well-being and offer to assist. Typically, the problem vanishes at that point. But be mindful that they are out there, waiting for a prey. Consider it for a moment.