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An added benefit of chiropractic care is the ability to diagnose your condition at a primary care visit instead of making a trip to the hospital. In most cases, your primary care doctor will refer you to a specialist for further testing and treatment. Once the specialist has determined that your condition is not serious, then your chiropractor will be able to do just that. For more info click here.

Your chiropractor will remove the braces and release the tensed muscles in your neck and back. They will also review the x-rays and laboratory reports with the primary care doctor to ensure that your condition is truly what you think it is.

During the chiropractic procedure, your chiropractor may utilize two different types of manipulation. One type is spinal manipulation, also known as a back and neck manipulation. This type of manipulation is used to manually set the alignment of your spine, as well as to decompress the stiff vertebrae and encourage blood flow. The second type of manipulation is known as soft tissue manipulation. During this procedure, the chiropractor uses his hands to manipulate the soft tissues around the spinal cord and other areas of the nervous system.

Soft tissue manipulation can take several forms. It can be manual manipulation or using specialized tools like the swivel chair, which allows chiropractors to rotate their wrists at different angles, or an electronic device known as a motorized collar. Manipulation techniques may also include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser and manual muscle stimulation. Many chiropractors often combine these methods, particularly when neck pain is present. Neck manipulation can really help to reduce inflammation, which allows your muscles and soft tissues to heal more quickly.

Chiropractic treatment does not fall neatly into the categories of traditional medicine or alternative medicine. Rather, chiropractic treatment is a part of a holistic approach to overall health. In fact, chiropractors are not strictly physicians, although they follow the same medical practices that any doctor should follow. They are considered to be independent specialists who have developed their own philosophies based on the structure and function of the body and nervous system. For this reason, chiropractic care, although it may seem controversial in some circles, has gained increasing respect as a valid form of alternative medicine.

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