Painters and Painting Tips

When it comes to painting, you have the choice of hiring professional painters to complete the job or doing it yourself, the latter of which is often the basis of a so-called DIY project. While you may be motivated to complete such a project, there are a few painting tips worth noting that may be helpful in these situations. Our website provides info on New Haven Painters LLC – Interior Painter

Whether or not you plan to hire a painter, there are certain paints that are specifically designed and manufactured for particular areas of the house. Take the kitchen or bathroom, for example. These are traditionally high moisture content areas of the home, and as a result, a moisture and peel resistant paint should be chosen for these spaces. Additionally, with added technology and advancements in production within the painting industry, one now has the option of securing paints that contain anti-mildew properties, which would add to the overall value of the home. Inquire about these types of paints even though you’re hiring painters to finish the job.

There are paints available that have been specifically designed for applying a fresh coat of paint or redoing a ceiling or roof area. There are many advantages of using ceiling-specific paints, including the fact that they are often thicker than other styles, avoiding any excessive running and resulting in less splashes or splatters when painting the roof. When painting a ceiling or roof, this prevents any unwanted splatters on the floor or supporting walls. Professional painters, on the other hand, would almost certainly be aware of these factors when it comes to this particular subject.

High-traffic areas, where people are likely to touch the wall for help or because of the layout of the provided living, passage, or space area, need a more durable paint, and perhaps more importantly, one that is easily washed. The colour scheme chosen here can also help to prevent too many finger or hand prints from appearing on the walls. The use of acrylic latex paint would make it much simpler, not only in terms of concealing such wall marks, but also in terms of providing a much easier to clean surface. If you’re recruiting outside painters and other service providers, inquire about the choices for using these types of paints, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with them.