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Implants are also often used to treat patients who have experienced tooth loss due to certain diseases or conditions such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes. The implants can restore the ability to chew and to heal oral wounds. In some cases, dental implants can replace missing teeth. In others, they can simply enhance the appearance of the teeth that have been lost. By clicking we get more information about the Jordan Landing Smiles- Dental Implants.
There are two different types of dental implants – single tooth and multiple tooth. Single tooth implants are designed to be placed on one tooth. Multiple tooth dental implants are designed to be used on multiple teeth in a single implant. Patients opting for a single tooth implant may have to wear a single crown, but a multiple tooth implant require that the patient wear two crowns (one over each tooth). This process has the potential to be costly and time-consuming.
Dental Implants are an excellent choice for people who want to avoid missing teeth. They offer a permanent and reliable way to restore the ability to chew and to bridge the gap between missing teeth. When considering dental implants, patients should understand the different types of dentures available to determine which options are most appropriate.