Information Regarding The Bronx Fire Department Violations

Working fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms are essential components of a fire safety system that will ensure that your facility is always safe. Unfortunately, just keeping those things up to date may not be enough to keep you out of trouble with the fire marshal! It’s a great duty to keep your building completely secure from fires and fire marshal fines, but with this checklist, it should be simple!You may want to check out The Bronx Fire Department Violations for more.

Accessibility of the Fire Department

The most essential thing the fire marshal will look at is how easy it is for the fire department to get inside your building if they ever need to. The following are some things to think about: If you’re travelling down the street, your street address should be posted on the front of your building and easily visible. If your fire alarm or sprinkler system goes off when your building is unoccupied, you should have a lockbox installed that allows the fire department to enter. Fire hydrants should be easily visible and accessible on or near your property, with at least three feet of clearance space on all sides. There must be no parked automobiles or other impediments in the fire routes at all times.

Inside Your Structure

Inside your facility, the rules essentially boil down to making sure the exits are easily accessible and well posted. Specifically: Exit doors must be simple to open for a single person. If you keep them locked, make sure you don’t need any special abilities, keys, or tools to use them. All hallways, walkways, stairwells, and paths leading to exits must be free of impediments. In both regular and emergency power modes, emergency lights and exit signs must function effectively. In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers must be well charged and conveniently accessible.

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