Forklift Safety Training

When operating a forklift, it is important that you undergo proper Forklift Training. One of the leading causes of death in the workplace is forklift accidents. There are several issues that must be addressed. To begin, you must first determine your forklift’s rated power. How much can it safely lift? Counterweights are used on forklifts to help them lift large objects. Checkout Forklift Training Systems.

After that, you must understand the “stability triangle.” A three-point suspension system is used on almost all counterbalanced driven industrial vehicles, which means the vehicle is protected at three points. Even if the vehicle has four wheels, this is so. A pivot pin in the axle’s middle connects the truck’s steer axle to the truck. This three-point support forms a triangle called the stability triangle when the points are paired with imaginary lines.

You should also be able to do a simple inspection. Checking for leaks under the forklift, all hose connections, hydraulics, fuel lines, and the battery are all part of a thorough inspection. An inspection checklist should always be completed.

Other topics to discuss include: – Fork positioning while driving – How to drive on an incline – Proper stopping – Proper parking – Steps for picking up and putting down a load – Proper stacking procedures – And Following proper “laws of the road”