First Serve Cleaning and Restoration At A Glance

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning .They have a long standing history of providing quality cleaning services and have continued to grow as one of the top carpet cleaning companies. Their focus on environmentally friendly cleaning and our continually growing green culture has been built on their high standards. Our website provides info on First Serve Cleaning and Restoration

The company’s most popular carpet cleaning service offers many advanced features like hot water extraction, odor removal, dry cleaning and special stains. Their Dry Clean feature removes food and liquid stains without using chemicals. They can clean all fabrics, drapes, rugs and mats with their steam cleaner and can extend the life of your carpet. They offer their customers the option of steam or shampoo cleaning. For heavy traffic areas, they recommend their steam cleaners.
They use state of the art technology to safely extract dirt and grease from your carpet fibers without causing damage to your carpet or rugs. Their dirt cleaning technologies are based on decades of experience in the carpet cleaning service industry and include the use of ultra violet light, a water solvent extraction system and the revolutionary wet cleaning extraction system. Their hot water extraction system is designed to safely remove dirt, grease and allergens, while leaving behind the original soft and radiant fiber. This system is the most powerful of its kind and has been used by the industry leaders in the carpet cleaning service industry for over many years.