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If you must send something through the mail, use express mail to ensure that it receives the attention it needs. Direct solicitation exposes you to danger and might not be the best option if you value confidentiality. If you are unemployed and unconcerned about who could intercept your message, you are still insecure, even though you ask the employer to respect your privacy.You may want to check out Catenacci Construction LLC for more.

Construction executive recruiters and construction head-hunters are experts at penetrating their specific sector and finding reputable construction firms with enticing prospects, whether for private or public openings. With little to no effort on your part, construction recruiters will link you with well-suited construction job opportunities. They’ll keep it under wraps. Try getting a recommendation from a colleague, a local building trades group, or your competitor’s Human Resources department to find a construction recruiter in your specialty. Kennedy Publication’s Directory of Executive Recruiters or the Recruiter’s Online Network at Responding to advertisements can also jeopardise your credibility and privacy. It’s possible that your building resume would end up in the hands of junior-level supervisors or in corporate data banks (perused by anyone who has access to the Human Resources files). This condition is unlikely to result in a satisfactory bid.We will spend all of our time building relationships with executives at the top of the industry because we concentrate on construction work, a niche within the specialty of construction. Our attention yields faster returns that larger, more diverse companies simply cannot equal.When it comes to having a construction interview, internet construction ads are usually no more successful than written ads. They are, however, typically more plentiful, easier to identify, and easier to approach. Orient your quest to find construction work databases that specialise in your field, such as online blogs, employer directories, and job boards like Construction Executive (dotcom) and Trade Jobs Online, to improve your chances of success (dotcom).