Employment Discrimination Lawyers and Lawsuit

In American business, it seems that we have far too many regulations, quotas, and discrimination litigation. Indeed, in the end, we are all harmed. A businessperson should be able to recruit whomever they want without fear of the law interfering with the hiring process. Learn more by visiting employment discrimination lawyers.

As a businessperson, I want to employ the best person, the most effective person who can deliver the best results. So what if that individual happens to be a Blue? I don’t want someone breathing down my neck because there aren’t enough Purple People working over here if I increase the percentage of Green people because they work well together and are on average smarter than humans.

The government should stay out of these matters. Since the government does nothing well, everyone loses when it threatens or pretends to implement quota theories or initiates cases or inquiries into which colour of people XYZ business hires. In reality, it’s possible that this is why the government is so ineffective: they’re so concerned with being politically correct that they can’t get anything done.

The best individual for the work should get it because they deserve it and can have higher efficiency, and in this way, labour supply rivalry will solve all of the issues and discourage people from using their power against a company while delivering lower productivity.

More efficiency in a business means more profit, more expansion, more recruiting, and higher tax revenues, all of which are good for our economy’s vitality and for all people looking for good employment. To hell with anybody who proposes more labour or employment law rules and regulations, since it would only benefit law firms, who are in cahoots with regulators and skilled parasites to perpetuate this political correctness.