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Obtaining a home loan is not the same as purchasing a pair of shoes or a sweater. Despite their experience, many consumers have discovered that obtaining a proper house loan is complicated. If you’re anxious about getting the loan package, go to a professional finance broker. Don’t get the terms “loans officer” and “financial broker” mixed up. Learn more by visiting construction financing mississauga.

What’s the Difference Between a Loans Officer and a Finance Broker?

Officer in Charge of Loans

A home loan can be obtained straight from a lender (e.g. bank, credit union, building society, etc.).

Instead of scouring the entire market for a suitable loan, if you choose to go through a lender, you will most likely be dealing with a “loans officer” who will identify which of the lender’s portfolio of loan products will meet your needs. You may also discover that lenders’ loan officers assume you know everything there is to know about house loans. They also inquire as to whether you prefer a fixed or variable loan. However, they fail to explain what they are and how they function to you.

Broker in Finance

You can also engage with a finance broker who is well-versed in the ins and outs of house loans. Because they work with all lenders/credit providers on a daily basis, they can explain the various credit rules and lending requirements for all lenders/credit providers.

So, before you start looking for your next home loan, get the advice of a properly qualified and experienced financial broker who can save you time browsing around and offer you with a number of comparisons of the various interest rates and loan programmes on the market. The following are some of the reasons why working with a knowledgeable and independent finance broker might be helpful to you:

  • They’ll do a thorough analysis of your financial condition before conducting a review and investigation of your specific demands and goals.
  • They are familiar with the various lenders’ and credit providers’ interest rates and loan conditions and may negotiate on your behalf;
  • They will assist you in completing your loan application and obtaining the necessary papers from the lender or credit provider; and
  • They’ll work with you to acquire a home loan pre-approval (after you have decided which home loan product you want). So now you know that dealing with a loan officer from your local bank branch will limit your options for acceptable loan products and that you will be obliged to shop around.

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